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Virtual Tours – Reveille Cafe

Virtual Tours – Reveille Cafe

We are very pleased to announce our latest Virtual Tour and Google Street View project for Reveille Cafe!

Reveille Cafe is the incredibly popular breakfast/lunch destination across northern metro-Atlanta with locations in Acworth, West Cobb, Sandy Plains, Haynes Bridge and Sugar Hill.

Our virtual tours cover the exterior storefronts, welcome area, dining areas, meeting rooms, and the breakfast bars.  The photo spheres were added to the respective Google Business listings.  This provides a SEO boost for each location and the photo spheres appear in local Google Search results, Google business listings, and Google Street View.

The Reveille Cafe Sugar Hill location had outdated Street View imagery that was recorded before the store opened, so we recorded and published new outdoor panorama imagery.

Points of Interest and Custom Logo

Reveille Cafe is known far and wide for their amazing menu items, so it was very desirable to showcase their tempting dishes in the virtual tour.  Acworth, Sandy Plains, and Sugar Hill have special food dishes on display at the breakfast bar.

The Haynes Bridge, Sugar Hill, and West Cobb locations have meeting rooms available for special events and meetings.  You can explore their meeting rooms in the virtual tour!

To further integrate the Reveille Cafe brand into the virtual tour, Reveille Cafe’s business logo has also been inserted into each photo sphere that can be easily seen on the bottom of each photo sphere.

Street View at Reveille Cafe Sugar Hill

The original Street View imagery at the Sugar Hill location was recorded in 2016, which displayed an empty business suite.   Unfortunately, the Google Street View car does not take requests to re-shoot specific locations.  But we do!

We brought our equipment on-site and recorded new Street View panorama imagery in front of Reveille Cafe and through the parking lots.  Google has authorized Mythos Media to upload our recorded imagery to supersede outdated imagery.

The end result is current Google Street View imagery as shown in the Before and After photos.

 Drag the slider below from right-to-left below to see where the new Street View panoramas are now published on Google Maps.

Explore the Virtual Tours

Visitor stats are automatically updated at the beginning of every month.

Reveille Cafe


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Reveille Cafe

Haynes Bridge

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Reveille Cafe

Sandy Plains

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Reveille Cafe

Sugar Hill

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Reveille Cafe

West Cobb

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